Ektar 100

This is a great film stock. It maintains lots of detail and sharpness to give you a really crisp image. I found that the oranges and blues looked especially nice. 

I shot this film around the streets of Bristol and wasn't disappointed. Having an ISO of 100 was a little limiting when taking landscape shots early in the morning, as a long depth of field (around f16) would have been idea. But the low sensitivity of the film's ISO meant I had to shoot at a lower aperture (and therefore a shallower depth of field). 

A tripod would really have been handy to allow for a smaller aperture, so bear this in mind when considering what you are going to be shooting with this film. If you're looking to take some nice landscape shots out and about in your local town or city this will be the stock for you, my advise is to take a tripod with you!


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