Three cities, Three days, One roll of film

Day 1: Paris, Day 2: Amsterdam, Day 3: London

The Idea
This project came about as both an experiment and an excuse to visit these cities which are conveniently linked together via cheap overnight buses. We wanted to know how we could triple expose a film and end up with a distinguishable photograph (see 'Four Methods of Multiple Exposure'). But the process influenced the final images. 

In order to capture the cities in a recognisable way we purposefully chose to photograph landmarks or typicalities about each location so that the cities were represented as clearly as possible. 

The experience of visiting three quite different cities in such a small space of time also makes you notice differences between them you may not have noticed otherwise. 

See Sarah's photos below

Sarah's Evaluation
We arrived in each city early in the morning and took 36 photos each day, recording what we shot in a notebook as we went along so that when we came to the next city we could compose the next shot accordingly. I found I ended up ignoring what I had noted, shooting randomly and hoping for the best. Part of this is because one of the best things about this project for me was the unpredictability, as well the fact that even if you do plan lots you're still not going to be sure of what you end up with. There are too many variables, whether the film lines up the same way each time being the main one. 

As a result of choosing to shoot the 'Third Way' (see 'Four Methods for Multiple Exposure) all three of my exposures are overlapped. Some, on the occasions where I was planning more where the darker bits in the image would be, came out clearer as each bit of dark acts like a ‘window’ through to the next exposure. 

My aim from the beginning was to be able to separate out the three cities fairly clearly while still having them merged together, I would say there are several images in my series that achieve this so overall I'd call the experiment a success!


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