Ilford Delta 3200

Ideal for those grainy, film noir look photos. I shot this roll mainly on the streets of Montmarte and at an antiques market in Paris which for me are ideal settings for this film stock. 

This film is super versatile in terms of the lighting it allows you to shoot in. The images I shot in daylight were able to be at a fast enough shutter speed to capture movement whilst being at a high enough aperture to obtain a larger depth of field. Whereas at night I was able to handhold my camera, allowing me much more creativity in terms of framing and spontaneous shots compared to if I were restricted to the use of a tripod. 

Yes you do have to put up with grainy-ness, if this isn't a look you're into then this is not the film stock for you. However, if you want to be able to shoot whatever/however in lighting situations that vary from daylight to barely-any-light, and don't mind a bit of added texture to your image, then this will suit your needs perfectly!


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